Average Cost of Commuting

Lets take a look at the weekly cost of commuting. I spend about 45 dollars a week on gas and maybe five dollars on food when driving to and from school each week. calculate that by the number of weeks per semester and we can arrive at the total cost of commuting, limited to my driving and eating expenses.

On average i spend around 200 dollars a month on gas and good while commuting to school. Semesters are typically 13-15 weeks long so i spend around 2800 dollars per semester on gas. It costs an extra 8000 dollars to live on campus so when comparing the two ways I end up saving money by living at home instead of being a resident.

I could save even more money by carpooling with my friend that goes to school with me, cutting the cost of driving in half. Smart commuting is the only way to commute while being a college student. Money is hard to come by especially when you are enrolled in full time.

Out of the many small ways to cut down on costs I think the most reasonable is to find a carpool buddy if you could. Someone who has a similar schedule as yourself that can work with your time. If saving money is on your mind then there is  no better way to do so.


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